Although Sunday Morning Keiko is my dream of building a community of like-minded karateka/Budoka, my desire is that it does not rest on the shoulders of one individual.  It is said that "a village raises a child" and so it is our collective that will contribute to the evolution of this community and the next generation.  As we develop, those instructors that are teaching in their respective areas will have the option of being listed on the SMK leadership/instructors page.  As a community we will all learn from our shared experiences and celebrate the unique contribution of each member.  Perhaps in a small way we can become a model for a better community/world.

hotton sensei beach seiza BW.jpg

Rick Hotton - Founder/Director, Sunday Morning Keiko

Scott langley seiza BW copy.jpg

Scott Langley - Founder/Chief Technical Director, HDKI, Dublin Ireland

Melissa Bell BW seiza copy.jpg

Melissa Bell - Chief Instructor, 12th Street Aikido Dojo

Simon B seiza BW.jpg

Simon Bligh - Chief Instructor, Shogai Karate Dojo

Scott Purser BW copy.jpg

Scott Purser - Chief Instructor, Seishin Karate Club

paul seiza copy.jpg

Paul Yanuziello - Karate/Koryu weapons Instructor Black Tiger Karate, Toronto Canada

Meditation for Hotton(1).jpeg

Bruce Costa - Chief Instructor, Granite Forest Dojo

Chrissie Howard seiza.jpg

Chrissie Howard - Club Instructor, HDKI Exeter Dojo

Amy 6.JPG

Amy Sperling - Chief Instructor, Katsune Karate, Minneapolis Minnesota

Scott 1.JPG

Scott Parkin - President, Shuhari Institute, Minneapolis Minnesota

Charlie Parker seiza.jpg

Charles Parker - Founding member ASKKA/Instructor ISKA NOVA

Miles seiza.jpg

Miles Owens - Instructor, Perry Florida Shotokan Karate

Andrew P. seiza copy.jpg

Andrew Perpich - Chief Instructor, Shotokan Karate of Ellwood

Mike sims meditation.JPG

Frank Sims - Chief Instructor, Budoshin Karate

Stacy Pursell and pup copy.jpg

Stacy Pursell - Chief Instructor, Bucks County Karate...side kick, Brock

wayne smith seiza copy.jpg

Wayne Smith - Instructor, Nakajima Sogo Ken Karate jitsu Dojo

fernando seiza .jpg

Fernando Vilas - Instructor, JKA of North Texas

steve seiza.png

Steve Gottwirt - Chief Instructor, Do Gakuin Shotokan Karate-do

Sean seiza 2.jpg

Sean Padgett - Instructor, West Wind Dojo

steve seiza copy.jpg

Steve Bailes - Chief Instructor, Blackwater Valley Shotokan Karate

Michael seiza.jpg

Michael Harris - Chief Instructor, Bristol Karate Centre

Gary seiza.jpg

Gary Christensen - Instructor, Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo, Oshawa Canada

pablo seiza.jpg

Pablo Quiroga - Chief Instructor Dojo Rancho Vidasana Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Kevin Seiza.jpg

Kevin Archibald - Chief Instructor, Bushido Martial Arts, St. Albans

Denise seiza.jpg

Denise Bradley - Chief Instructor, Shotokan Karate Fitness,  Paris Tennessee

sam seiza BW.jpg

Andrea Carbon - Principle Instructor, Hadashi Senshi Do Karate

antimo seiza.jpg

Antimo Pascarella - Chief Instructor, Karate Dojo Lorrach, Germany

Tommy seiza.png

Tommy Todd - Head Instructor, Midwest Tae Kwon Do and Karate

Brendan BW.JPG

Brendan Breen - Chief Instructor, Skyline Shotokan Karate, Canada

Brian BW copy.jpg

 Brian Hanke - Instructor, St. Charles Community College

Riva seiza copy.jpg

Riva Tarnopolsky - Chief Instructor, Shotokan Karatedo, Pittsburgh, PA

dan seiza 2.jpg

Dan Chiodo - Instructor, West Wind Dojo

jeff seiza.jpg

Jeff Ghee - Founder/Chief Instructor, Shotokan Karate-Do & Goju Ryu Corpus Christi Downtown Karate

paul seiza levitation copy.jpg

Paul Uren - Chief Instructor, Plymouth Karate-Do

sanjo karate seiza.jpg

Sandra and John Carr - Instructors, Sanjo Karate, Preston England

Andy Bailey.jpg

Andy Bailey - Senior Instructor, Newton Aycliffe Karate Club, United Kingdom


John Ward - Club Instructor, Newton Aycliffe Karate Club, United Kingdom

Gordon seiza.jpg

Gordon Levin - Instructor Yoseikan Dojo of Central FL Boys & Girls Clubs

tanja seiza copy.jpg

Tanja Mayer - Instructor, Ki-Karate Dojo Shugyo, Sindelfingen, Germany

Ian seiza.jpg

Ian Edwards - Chief Instructor, Kimochi Ryu Karate, United Kingdom

Ross Seiza copy.jpg

Ross Stewart - Instructor, Hombu Dojo Karate International, Dublin Ireland


Costas Christoforou - Head Instructor, Leadership Martial Arts, Nicosia, Cyprus

Anthony seiza.jpg

Anthony Hunt - Chief Instructor, Karate-Do Seishin Shotokan, Auburn California

Bill seiza copy.jpg

Bill Roubos - Assistant Instructor, Windsor Shotokan Karate Club

Becky seiza.jpg

Becky Flinn - Instructor USANKF, AJKA, HDKI Mississippi

Ju seiza.jpg

Justin Page - Instructor, West Wind Dojo, San Diego CA


Daniel O'Brien - Chief  Instructor, Shorin Ryu Karate and Kobudo Association, Ontario Canada

Bryan Mattias seiza copy.jpg

Bryan Mattias – Chief instructor, Centre de Karaté Shotokan Laval, Québec, Canada


Les Knight - Chief Instructor, Tividale Shotokan Karate Club, United Kingdom

gabriel seiza.jpg

Gabriel Van Rel - Chief Instructor, Dojo Van Rel, London England

Nick seiza.jpg

Nick Chambers - Instructor Kurokoku Shotokan, United Kingdom


Ivan Matamala - Instructor, Karate-do Dojo Esport7, Catalonia

stephen BW.jpg

Stephen Wilkinson - Chief Instructor and Technical Director, Newton Aycliffe Karate Club, United Kingdom.

john vincent BW seiza.jpg

John Vincent Farenden - Chief Instructor, Traditional and Modern Shotokan, Dover, United Kingdom

Andrew McNeil BW.jpg

Andrew McNeil - Sensei, Fife Shotokan, United Kingdom

DSC_2886 ausschnitt.jpg

Sascha Richter -  Chief Instructor,  Shotokan Karate Dojo Miyamoto Musashi Nienburg, Germany

Guido BW seiza.jpg

Guido Plischek - Chief Instructor Shotokan of the Dojo Sei-Wa-Kei of Sindelfingen, Germany. 

Ekapol Rojpiboonphun seiza .jpg

Ekapol Rojpiboonphun - Instructor Fremont Shotokan Karate, California


Brian Evans -  Founder/Chairman ITKO


Karen MacDonald - Instructor, Petaluma Karate Club, California

marcel meditation.jpg

Marcel Rodrigue - Instructor, JKA, Mid North Coast,

New South Wales, Australia

shofuso copy.jpg

Michael Larkin -Technical Director, The Shotokan Karate Dojo, Philadelphia PA

image1(3) copy.jpg

Gregory Lehmann - Instructor, Dojo Us Métro in Paris, France.

RENIER Régis and friend.jpg

Regis Renier - Dojo Brantome Karate-Do Brantome, Perigord France

scott E seiza.jpg

Scott Ellis - Instructor, 12th St. Aikido Dojo Sarasota FL


Alexander Wahl - Assistant Instructor, Polizei Sport-Verein Bamberg, Germany

Eastleigh-Shotokan-karate-Club-3 (1 of 1) copy.jpg

Andrew Gibb - Chief Instructor, Eastleigh Shotokan Karate Club, United Kingdom

owen cartter BW.PNG

Owen Carter - Instructor, Traditional Karate Arts Canada and Shikomu Karate Dojo Burlington Ontario Canada

Alain seiza.jpg


Chris J. BW.jpeg

Chris Jason - Instructor, West Wind Karate Dojo

Tom BW seiza.jpg

Tom Okura - Joint Chief Instructor, Traditional Karate Arts Canada TKAC, Oakville Ontario Canada



Jordan Parrish - Assistant Instructor, Karate-Do Seishin Shotokan, Auburn CA

Peter Sehlin Zendokai copy.jpg

Peter Sehlin - Instructor, Zendokai Karate, Halmstad Sweden

zazen b&w copy.jpg

Guido Ramackers - Teacher, Shoshin Dojo, Netherlands

Kevin seiza 2.jpg

Kevin Cooke - Chief Instructor, Cornwall Karate, United Kingdom


Peter Welsby - Chief Instructor, Onkochishin Dojo, Staffordshire, England

Adam isshin ryu BW.jpg

Adam Fauber - Instructor, Pro Karate Center, Palm Harbor, Florida

Dan BW.jpg

Dan Bernardo - Chief Instructor, KDA Karate Academy, Columbia, South Carolina

Stephen Mason - Chief Instructor Kihonkai Dojo, Lanarkshire Scotland.

Stephen Mason - Chief Instructor Kihonkai Dojo, Lanarkshire Scotland.

joe seza BW copy.jpg

Joe Stifter - Technical Director, UKAI-Midwest

Chief Instructor, Shotokan Karate of Lakeville

bobby Hughes BW.jpg

Robert Hughes - Chief Instructor, Hughes Yoshukai Karate,  Instructor, Robson Moura Brazilian Jiu jitsu Association.

Don and Jet BW.jpg

Don Ellingsworth and  Julie Tollen - Instructors, Aikido Chuseikan, Tampa Florida

20180904_222621 copy.jpg

John Brinda - Chief Instructor, North Herts Academy of Martial Arts Letchworth Garden City, United Kingdom

Jonas BW.jpeg

Jonas Blunck - Instructor, Trelleborg Karate Club, Sweden


Lee Phillips - Instructor, Atlantic Karate, Newquay, Cornwall, United Kingdom.


Liam Gallagher - Chief Instructor, Senjokai Karate Scotland Dojo.

Rebecka BW seiza.jpeg

Rebecka Ericsson Szecsenyi- Instructor, Trelleborg Karate Club, Sweden.

Dennis BW.jpg

Dennis Albrecht - Chief Instructor, Karateschule Kumadera, Achim bei, Bremen Germany.

Jim Seiza 2.jpg

Jim Alvarez - Chief Instructor, Aikido of Livermore, Livermore CA.

father & son - Kopie copy.jpg

Georgos Roumeliotis - Chief Instructor, Shotokan Karate Dojo Yokokobi - 47918 Tonisvorst, Germany

otto seiza 2.jpg

Otto Bakker - Chief Instructor, Tamashii Karate School, Halsteren, Netherlands.







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